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January 14, 2006


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Since the kitties chimed in, I thought to give my opinion of PJM. See, looks nice, much more usable. Got categories easy to find at top of story, more stories on right, site nav on left. News has lots of stories, interesting stuff. Someone/s have been... [Read More]


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One more nose-bite to you, Blogmother.

Love the sunrise photo painting. Even more beauty than one would expect in an expected place. If one follows the PJ Media one will learn more than one expected from the media.

Simply fantastic post and it's why I read this blog daily.

Your writing style is a soothing potion for the mind.

Great sunrise photo painting, was an unexpected delight...

Heh - I thought I had commented on yesterday's post about Tiny... guess I hit preview and not post (ARG!) Anyway, sounds like she's doing so much better - that's wonderful. Love your photo/painting combo, just lovely. Of course I have often loved the pics you post from Goomps, what a beautiful place.

Beautiful Sissy. I learned more about complementary colors in this post than I did all the years I majored in Art. But there is there always is at sisu....the report about Tiny and the medicine administered to her. Since I have been going through the challenge of getting the medicine down Captain this post is instructive and comforting.

Another not fun day. Our daughter and son-in-law found out that their cat, Skitters has kidney failure. They are very upset. Skitters is about ten years old or maybe older.

I am so sorry about Skitters's illness, Laura Lee.

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