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December 09, 2005


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Still snowing like mad here! I believe we are now hovering between 4-5 inches on the ground and no let-up in sight. If it was rain... you'd say it's pouring. *grin*

It's amazing how the libs can just look the other way on human rights violations just to try and "get back" at Mr. Bush. Then again - logical consistency has never been their watch word... it's only what makes THEM feel good - to hell with the rest of the world.

Lucky you! I don't know when I began to miss snow but lately I have. And we just got a taste of it yesterday. Your cat is magnificent. Every photo is beautiful.

I saw the Bianca Jagger thing somewhere else & just assumed it was a parody. What a twit

Yes, but these people get face time. Whassat all about?

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