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December 03, 2005


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Sisu, you do find extraordinary beauty wherever you look.

Absolutely beautiful, and that pic of Tiny is priceless.

May I ask what program, if any, you used to make those gorgeous Christmas cards ?

Not being a creative soul..I definitely would need some kind of software program to help me along !

Photoshop rules!

Sissy... abso-LUTE-ly magnificent! I especially like the first photo of "scraps." I would never have thought of that...

... and now I've got to figure out a way to finagle myself into a PhotoShop class, especially since beloved Husband just upgraded us to CS.

Please give your wonderful purrs lots of skritchies from me, and keep up that gorgeous work!

-- R'cat
CatHouse Chat

Beautiful photos. Just really pretty. Gave me some peace just to look at them.

R'Cat is right, that first photo is awesome!

If I get Santa to get me a digital camera for Christmas can I borrow just a smidge of your talent?

The miracles of Photoshop !

I suspect, though, that the talent is all yours,Sissy.

It doesn't hurt to have an artistic eye . . . :)

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