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August 17, 2005


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Elvis: The most effective American anti-Communist ever?:

» "The election of 2000 has nothing on the shenanigans in the election of 1800" from Red State Rant
From Sissy Willis of sisu and The Cotillion. Some things never change: "Thomas Jefferson once said that 'every man has two countries -- his own and France.' Today every man has two countries -- his own and America," write John Micklethwait a [Read More]

» It's Time for the Cotillion - Military Style! from Cotillion
It's time for the Cotillion Ball and I get to be a host this week! In honor of our female troops I've decided to do a Cotillion Ball themed with smart, sexy, strong women like our ladies in the Cotillion. [Read More]

» The women are back, and they're in the Cotillion from Cotillion
which I'm proud to co-host this week! Dr Sanity’s SHAME, THE ARAB PSYCHE, AND ISLAM is a must-read. MaxedOutMama explains Hamas To Different Audiences, since what Hamas says to different groups is very interesting. Reminds me of Arafat's speeches, duri... [Read More]


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Stark, raving mad. TypePad won't publish.

Interesting and most informative. Personally I was aware of Elvis but never watched or listened to him. Pete ? I guess I heard the name but really wasn't aware of him. Different generations different strokes.

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