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June 14, 2005


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» Flag Day from Mark in Mexico
Here are some things you might not have known about the American Flag (click on the flag to get a bigger picture). Did you know that the height of the flag, top-to-bottom, is called the "hoist"? I didn't. [Read More]

» The 10 Spot - Headline Edition from Wizbang
Ten headlines that you can't help but click though to read more.Porn star Mary Carey's dinner with President Bush - [The Jawa Report] Guantanamo Shut Down. Prisoners Moved to Neverland - [American Digest] SMASH vs. The Downing Street Memo -... [Read More]

Take some time and read Edwin Locke's article, On Flag Day Celebrate America's Core Values: Reason and Individual Rights. How will you celebrate Flag Day? Go to and read the article, Grand old Flag Customs. [Read More]

» Flag Day... from Dizzy Girl
It seems that 3/4 of the blogosphere had forgotten that yesterday, June 14th, was Flag Day. I spent almost a half hour at Technorati, trying to find blogs to link to, and only found a handful of EARNEST posts... [Read More]


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Your first post of the day is a fitting tribute to the flag and the Nation for which it stands. As quoted, freedom isn't free, and those spoiled lazy-thinking individuals in this country need to be so reminded until they awake.

Excellent post! And thanks for the reminder--I was so caught up in the Cotillion and my domestic chores, I regret to admit that I'd forgotten today was Flag Day!

See ya on the dance floor! :-)


Flag Day was my Grandmother's birthday. She would've been 99 years old. God Bless her.

Video of Flag Desecration

Thanks for the link, Sissy. If you liked the comment, you probably should read my post from last year, Anthems,

which anticipates your contrasting of "The Star Spangled Banner" and "America, The Beautiful".

Thank you so much, Dave. Great post.

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