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May 13, 2005


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» Around The Sphere from Mind of Mog
Hard to imagine but California did something good, good as in outlawing some uses of RFID chips. That’s a first for a government, usually governments want more surveillance not less. Jay’s post brings back childhood memories of going to ... [Read More]

» On Arianna's Toast from Little Miss Attila
There's a nice little roundup here. It's not comprehensive, but it'll get you started. When all is said and done, I think "Toast" may get a lot more attention that the Huffington Post. It's certainly more interesting (unless Arianna wants... [Read More]

» Does being dissed by Slate make me look fat? from Cotillion
"Now, here's the Little Green Footballs guy.  (Sure, I said that he was out of the game and would be replaced by one of the women from The Cotillion, but it turns out they are even more annoying than he... [Read More]


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Let's see HP link HT, eh.

Link taken. Thanks for this insightful read.

My pleasure. :)

I wonder how many would identify with the author of this quote?

"The only thing worse than being spoken about poorly is not being spoken about at all"

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