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April 15, 2005


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Makes me wonder why only Iraq? Why not Afghanistan too? Or have they decided we aren't fighting a war there anymore... Not that my son would take any pictures - but it's the principle of the thing for all our troops stationed there.

OTOH - it's likely better that they are being ignored rather than having lies told about them. *grin*

Yeah, tell me about it. With some of the left-wing media drooling over the 'prison abuse', sometimes you wonder. Of course, it is better to tell all the truth overall, than what they choose to show to create a certain outcome.

God Bless your son in Afghanistan and I hope he his safe.

Definitely better to be ignored than lied about.

This is great! I hope there is a good response to this - and that WaPo follows through on it.

There are few things that bug me more than a bunch of #(^&@% civilian hippies presuming to speak for me and my fellow servicemen/women/veterans with their idiotic "support the troops, bring them home" slogans.

I'm posting a link to this on my unit veterans' bulletin board.

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