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February 19, 2005


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» Garbage Blogging from Pajama Pundits
My garbage is okay, but it's not as pretty as Sissy's. I think it needs a nice chili can to balance both the boxiness and diet. I should have blogged the 10 packages of Ramen I threw away last week. [Read More]

» Garbage Blogging from Pajama Pundits

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I don't see any cough evidence of coffee grounds.

About a year ago a good friend bought a book called LASAGNA GARDENING. A little later she proclaimed that it has transformed her life and she was now determined to become the Queen of Compost. She's since hooked two other people on the composting practices described in it. All three describe the results as astounding, and keep yammering away to me about what's involved.

The only thing I remember is the coffee grounds because I've tuned them out. (I'm thinking of paving my yard and painting it green.) You might want to check the book out, though.

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