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January 07, 2005


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Yeah, America - that really bad, bad place - that thousands of people flock to every year because its just so terrible and awful. Yup, people hide in the backs of trucks, row across the open sea in small boats, cross dry desert, all to get to this disgusting land where nobody is happy or free or paid for his/her work or educated or successful. We should hate ourselves just because we have the gall to exist. Well, I'm off to the movies after a warm morning in my lovely home that I pay for with my hard work and education. Geez, I suck.

Hey, little gal. Nice to hear from you, even though you do, of course, su**.

Yes, we are America the stingy as well. So stingy we spill our sons & daughters blood for other peoples freedom. We did it 4 times last century and we are starting off doing it again this century.

So stingy we foot the bill for an entire continent of people who failed to pay us back their own war debt, then have the gall to criticize us because we wont kowtow to their modernist sensibilities. And then we still continue to foot their bills.

Selfish, indulgent, colonialist bastards that we are.

Grand Rants tracked back with The Approach of Tyranny

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