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January 01, 2005


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» America, the Tsunami and Stinginess from The Doppler Effect
Update: Sisu sees, I think correctly, a larger theme here: the complaint of stinginess represents the intrusion of transnational progressivism into the US, by "shaming" it into pledging its citizens' funds, without regard to their desires. [Read More]


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Egeland: my candidate for "Intellectual Moron of the Year."

Egeland is a load. However, we need to cut the Scandinavians a bit of a break on this one. As a proportion of population, the Danes and the Norwegians may have suffered truly staggering losses in the tsunami. If the United States had as great a proportion of missing (and therefore possibly or probably dead) people as the Danes, we would have lost 24,000 people. The comparable number for Norway, which is missing 460 people in South Asia, is 30,000. Proportionately, these are massive losses, so I can't say that I do not have sympathy for Scandinavia right now.

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