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December 17, 2004


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Muhammad, Jesus, Moses and Buddha are gathered around a TV showing two groups going into battle. The caption: "We never taught them to do that." In response, the city administration of Volgograd, Russia (formerly Stalingrad) shut down the city-owned ne... [Read More]

» Ich bin ein moderate Muslim! from Classical Values
In a great post called "Where Are the Muslim Moderates?," Cliff May describes the mechanism of Stalin's rule by fear: In 1956, Nikita Khrushchev addressed a closed session of the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party. For nearly four... [Read More]


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Unfortunately there is large group of people whom I would call the NO THINKS. They accept the prevailing view of their associates without bothering to evaluate for themselves. They are similar to the Double Thinks but are not much of a source of support to overcome PC

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