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December 04, 2004


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» Daily Dish from The Cool Blue Blog
Now that things have gone horribly wrong, French citizens are asking what are they doing in the Ivory Coast anyway? It couldn't be for economic reasons, could it? [Read More]

» Save A Kitten Redux from Mind of Mog
She Who Will Be Obeyed demands obedience now or a kitten gets it. It's rumored Lileks has a Cuisinart. Donate thru the Fighting Fusileers not that Northern Alliance. The kitten is safe with us. Graphic lovingly created by the Donovans. Could you... [Read More]

» Daily Dish from The Cool Blue Blog
More attacks in Madrid. And apparently, Thailand's peace bomb of 100 million Japanese-style origami cranes didn't help. And the RCMP is too understaffed to fight terrorism. The US consulate in Jiddah came under attack this morning. As is typical, mostly [Read More]

» Daily Dish from The Cool Blue Blog
Bloggers are in the news today. Captain Ed reports that CBS is attempting to smear pro-Republican blogs while at the same time, Rather Biased notes that this very same news organization is recruiting anti-war bloggers. Deacon, in the meantime, attended [Read More]


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A heartwarmng support of our troops.

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