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September 13, 2004


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September 14th was my 38th birthday. How did I spend it? It's kinda blurry, but it seemed to have involved copious amounts of alcohol and various leather-based items. I'll be able to be more specific after I review the police... [Read More]

» CARNIVAL OF THE PAJAMAS #1 (UPDATED 9-23-04 11:15PM) from Bad Example
Two things to notice about that title: First, the name - which came from a suggestion by Sissy of Sisu. Second, the "#1" - I have no idea how long the pajama meme is going to last before everyone gets... [Read More]

» Season of Giving from The Cool Blue Blog
Americans are generous people. In the course of this year alone, Americans have donated over $240 billion dollars to various charitys with over 85% of households supporting non-profit organizations. Many of us pajama folk who inhabit the blogosphere ha... [Read More]


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