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February 22, 2004


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im not sure who you are or what this site is..but i want you to know that being a women is not defined by flowers and chiffon and lace. femininity is not defined by flowers and pretty things. those things only imprison women to thinking the only way to be a women is to be sweet innocent and flowery. Theres nothing wrong with a women who does want to wear skirts and flowers and pretty things, but these things do not define how much of a women she is. oh yes and i read your "battle of the sexes" post and spouse beating is still a huge problem in the united states please do not brush it off so easily. I see what you were trying to compare it to, and yes its true that there is much more beatigs in iraq/iran and other countries where its accepted as part of their religon, but to say its not a problem here anymore is offensive. rape and beatings are a huge problem and countless women and men still are effected. its when people fail to realize this, that the problem can not be solved. become more aware of that. ok thats all

I appreciate your concern for the welfare of women but am sorry that you missed my point, chloe, in both of these posts, but especially the one about wife-beating, where I referred to a spoof, where the husband was playing with words. He was saying the only way to "beat" a woman was to beat her with your cleverness, not your hands. As for spousal abuse, given the dark side of human nature, that can never be eradicated altogether. But the difference -- which is HUGE -- between, say, Sharia Law and our Western notions of law is that our culture rejects and punishes such abuse, while Islamicist theocracies condone and even encourage it.

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